Episode 19


Published on: 1st March, 2020


You know that feeling when you want to close the curtains, dim the lights, sit on the floor in front of the sofa bring your legs up, and rest your forehead on your knees.

Suddenly thoughts and emotions have become overwhelming. There happens to all of us, there is no shame or anything to feel bad about.

If you have a big heart, you care a lot and sometimes you going to be overwhelmed with emotions.

How to deal with overwhelming thoughts and emotions is the topic of this podcast.

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About the Podcast

Stillness in the Storms
Helping you find Inner Peace in difficult times
Join Steven Webb and the occasional guest on the podcast that brings inner peace to your life. Steven is unique in his ability to transform your life, even in the most difficult circumstances he will help you find the gift.

Steven is severely paralysed after a diving accident at 18. Nearly 30 years on, Steven helps people all over the world grow their emotional wisdom so they can deal with the most difficult times. Steven is also a politician, and brings the spiritual awareness to local politics. In his unique style and calm voice Steven literally changes people's lives for the best.

In the Stillness in the Storms podcast Steven shares his experience, stories as well as others to help you see life from a different perspective.

Visit Steven's website https://stevenwebb.com/">StevenWebb.com and download The 5 Simple Practices for Inner Peace today.
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