Episode 117

Deep Wisdom: The Power of Knowing Yourself and Nurturing Inner Compassion

🔍 Discover how Steven explores the profound impacts of understanding oneself and thriving in the depths of wisdom.

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In this compelling episode of Stillness in the Storms, Steven Webb discusses the profound impact of embracing depth over surface-level living. He shares personal experiences and insights to shed light on the transformation that occurs when we truly get to know ourselves. Steven delves into the significance of going deeper, the ramifications of staying on the surface, and the journey towards inner peace.

  • 02:42 - The Impact of Self-Understanding

Steven shares how understanding his inclination for instant gratification helped him realize the root cause of his chronic lateness. Delving into his own psyche allowed him to overcome this habit, leading to a positive shift in his punctuality and overall productivity.

  • 06:27 - Interconnectedness and Depth of the Soul

With poignant reflections, Steven discusses the interconnected nature of humanity and the significance of nurturing the caring, empathetic aspect that lies just beneath the superficial self. He highlights the importance of understanding and acknowledging our dependency on each other throughout life.

  • 20:12 - The Power of Depth in Building Emotional Intelligence

Steven emphasizes the value of going deeper to develop emotional intelligence, resilience, and a more profound sense of purpose. He discusses the impact of truly feeling and understanding experiences rather than merely skimming the surface.


In essence, "Going Deeper" is an enlightening exploration into the rewards of self-discovery and empathetic understanding. By embracing depth, listeners can pave the path towards inner peace, authenticity, and a genuinely enriched human experience. Join Steven Webb on this transformative journey, and unlock the wisdom that lies beneath the surface of everyday life.

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