Episode 112

How to Turn Around Negative and Dark Thoughts


In this insightful episode of "Stillness in the Storms," Steven Webb explores the challenging terrain of negative and dark thoughts. Drawing from a listener's email, Steven addresses five key questions that delve into understanding and transforming these thoughts into a pathway toward peace. The episode is a blend of personal insights, practical advice, and a touch of humor, offering listeners strategies to confront and change their thought patterns.

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Key Quotes:

  1. "The negative thoughts are just there to protect us... We're still living in a cave, we're still hunter-gatherers." - On the evolutionary roots of negative thinking.
  2. "You are not your thoughts. You're the observer... Aware of your thoughts." - Highlighting the distinction between being and thoughts.


  • [02:45] Why do we experience dark and negative thoughts?
  • [07:10] Effective ways to confront negative thoughts as they arise.
  • [11:35] Practical methods to break free from cycles of dark thoughts.
  • [16:20] Finding motivation during tough times.
  • [21:50] The role of self-awareness in managing thoughts and emotions.

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