Episode 95

Making Friends with the Present: A Life-Changing Shift

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Episode Summary:

In this episode, Steven Webb discusses the importance of embracing the present moment and the transformative power it can have on our lives. He shares personal experiences and stories of resilience, highlighting how adversities can serve as catalysts for growth and self-discovery. Steven emphasizes the importance of accepting the present moment as it is, understanding that we cannot change it but can decide how to respond to it.


  • [0:00] - Introduction
  • [2:13] - The importance of embracing the present moment
  • [6:07] - Discussing the power of now and the illusion of control
  • [11:35] - Turning adversities into strengths
  • [16:57] - Appreciating the magic and miracles around us
  • [21:41] - Wrap up and closing thoughts

Key Points:

  • The power of embracing the present moment and its transformative potential.
  • The illusion of control we have over our lives and the importance of accepting the present as it is.
  • The concept of turning adversities into strengths and the resilience it brings.
  • The importance of appreciating the magic and miracles around us.


  1. "There is no alternative. You only have the current moment." - Steven Webb [00:06:07]
  2. "When something does happen, when things do go wrong, the best question is, what can I do with it? This is my friend. This is here to help me." - Steven Webb [00:11:35]
  3. "The magic and the miracles are all around us. We just got to stop and take that breath." - Steven Webb [00:17:39]
  4. "This present moment is what it is. You cannot change it. You can change things right now to govern the next moment, but you cannot change this present moment. You're not in control of it. It's already happened." - Steven Webb [00:21:41]

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Welcome to "Stillness in the Storms," a beacon of tranquility amidst life's turbulence, hosted by your guide, Steven Webb.

Steven is not just an average meditation and mindfulness coach. Having faced severe adversity - becoming paralyzed in a diving accident - he has transformed his life into an inspiring journey of resilience and self-discovery. Now serving as the Mayor of Truro, Steven's teachings resonate with the wisdom of Zen Buddhism and practical Stoicism, helping you find inner peace right in the midst of your daily life.

In each episode, Steven's soothing voice guides you towards a deeper understanding of life and self, turning each storm we face into an opportunity for stillness and growth. This podcast is your sanctuary, your weekly retreat, where the noise of life subsides, and profound understanding takes its place.

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