Episode 109

The Kensho That Transformed My Journey: A New Year’s Message

Podcast Notes for "The Kensho That Transformed My Journey: A New Year's Message"

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About Kensho: In Zen Buddhism, 'Kensho' refers to the initial insight or awakening, not to full Buddhahood but to the realization of one's true nature. It's a profound moment of understanding and clarity, where one sees the true essence of things.

Benefits of Listening:

  • Discover the transformative realization that changed Steven's life.
  • Learn about the profound concept: "You are not your thoughts."
  • Explore insights into mindfulness and inner peace.
  • Hear updates on Steven's personal journey and health.

Opening Description:

In this compelling episode, Steven Webb shares the pivotal realization that dramatically altered his life and thinking. Join him in a thought-provoking discussion about the nature of thoughts, emotions, and the self. The episode is a blend of personal stories, philosophical insights, and practical guidance to kickstart the new year with a fresh perspective.

Selected Quotes:

  • "Nobody comes into this earth without needing others."
  • "You are not your thoughts. They come and go, and you can choose how to engage with them."
  • "Understanding the ego and learning to observe thoughts can bring inner peace."

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