Episode 99

Unlock the Secret Army Inside You: How to Boost Health and Find Inner Peace

Unlock the Secret Army Inside You: How to Boost Health and Find Inner Peace

In this episode, host Steven Webb introduces the concept of our "little internal soldiers" - the cells in our immune system that work hard to protect our health. He explains how we can support these soldiers through adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and avoiding harmful habits.


  • [00:00] - Introduction
  • [02:13] - Meet your internal soldiers
  • [04:11] - How our soldiers get tired as we age
  • [06:22] - Ways we can support our soldiers
  • [12:33] - Steven's story about the chili eating contest

Key Points:

  • Our immune system cells are like little soldiers fighting daily battles to protect our health.
  • As we age, these soldiers get more tired and have more repair work to do each day.
  • We can support our soldiers by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious foods, exercising, meditating, and avoiding things like smoking.
  • Making healthy choices helps empower our soldiers to do their healing work.


  • "You cannot complain about aches and pains and hangovers and tiredness if you're not giving your soldiers what they need to help you repair."
  • "What would my soldiers say to me today? They'd say, you're doing alright Stevie, but... Damn, slightly less takeaways, slightly less processed food, do a bit of exercise, a little more meditation, a little more chilling."

Links and References:

  • Inner Peace Meditations Podcast
  • Steven Webb Blog

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